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CEA Cuts 3DTV Forecast For 2010

By February 26, 2010Newswires

CEA Cuts 3DTV Forecast For 2010
Trade Association Now Expects 1.05 Million Units Shipped to Dealers
by Todd Spangler

The Consumer Electronics Association — which last month projected more than 4 million 3DTV sets would ship this year — is now putting the number at 1.05 million units, after narrowing the definition of what it considers a 3D television set.

In December the CEA had estimated 2.2 million 3DTVs will ship in 2010. Then last month, as part of announcing its 2010 sales forecast at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the trade group raised projections to more than 4 million 3DTV sets for the year.

Now the trade group is forecasting 1.05 million units shipped to dealers, representing $2.05 billion in revenue. That implies an average selling price of $1,952 per unit for 3DTVs.

CEA spokesman Steve Kidera said the previous figures were based on a broader definition for 3D television sets. "The new definition clearly describes the different display approaches inherent in today`s 3DTV sets and the new forecast better captures the market opportunity," Kidera said.

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