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3D TV Buyer’s Guide 2010

By February 25, 2010Newswires

3D TV Buyer’s Guide 2010

You’ve worn the glasses. Seen the demos. Winced at objects flying out the screen. And you’re ready to buy a 3D TV.

Congratulations, brave early adopter. Although the 3DTV maelstrom at CES 2010 generated a fair bit of skepticism, the technology also managed to floor many people, and if the commercial success of Avatar is any indication, 3D movies aren’t going to disappear any time soon. Ready to get in on the ground floor? Watch out, it’s still under construction. But our 3D TV buyer’s guide can help show you how to set up shop in three dimensions. Follow along as we lay your questions on the new format to rest.

Can I buy a 3D TV today?

Yes, actually. A number of “3D-ready” (meaning they might not come bundled with glasses) plasma and DLP televisions have actually been creeping out from manufacturers since 2007, but without the marketing, hype or 3D content that arrived this year, they’ve largely flown under radar. You can find a full list of currently available TVs from Mitsubishi and Samsung at 3DMovieList.

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