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Panasonic 3D TV hands-on

By February 24, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Panasonic 3D TV hands-on
by Ty Pendlebury and Derek Fung

Here`re some first impressions and shed-loads of pictures and information from CNET Australia`s first-hand look at a prototype of Panasonic`s upcoming 50-inch 3D plasma TV.

Editors` note:
Panasonic 3D TVs will be launched in selected Asia markets in 2010, though actual details are not available at the moment.

Panasonic showed off its first 3D plasma to CNET and we have to admit we were gobsmacked. The 3D element was very immersive, and almost as good as the cinema, but we think the technology hinges on lots of quality content becoming available. While this TV will get a release mid-year, you won`t see Avatar on 3D Blu-ray until November.

But we`ll say the 3D aspect was only one of many interesting features. This is definitely Panasonic`s most technologically advanced television yet, and features the company`s Viera Cast which, in addition to YouTube, will also allow Skype calls. The TV comes with two USB ports, with the USB Webcam available separately, but has yet to be announced for Asia.

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