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Video: Panasonic Viera VT20 3D TV

By February 23, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Video: Panasonic Viera VT20 3D TV
by Ian Morris

While out at the Panasonic media event recently, we got the opportunity to check out its new 3D TV, the Viera VT20. With all the effort the company is putting in to 3D this year, we wanted to find out what made its take on the technology so special, and how it sees 3D conquering the world of AV in the next 12 months.

Having spent some time playing with several kinds of test material, we give our opinions on 3D, and especially the Panasonic system. Overall, we think the company`s plasma TVs are well-suited to 3D TV, but there are still questions about using TVs to enjoy 3D. No matter how good a TV is, it can`t fill your field of vision like a cinema can, and that`s part of the problem.

Read the whole story and see the video here:,3 … 095,00.htm

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