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Nokia gets into 3D vision

By February 22, 2010Newswires

Nokia gets into 3D vision
Augmented reality gets a look too
by Spencer Dalziel

FINNISH PHONE MAKER Nokia has let slip its plans for augmented reality and 3D smartphones in an interview recorded at Mobile World Congress and hosted on its company blog.

The interview with Nokia`s Jo Harlow, senior vice president of smartphones, kicks into gear six minutes in when Harlow is asked what her vision is about Nokia`s smartphone future.

Harlow talked about augmented reality, saying, "What I get excited about and you can see on the horizon are the types of things that really enhance the services that we`re offering, the things that enhance the maps experience in the areas of augmented reality."

It looks like Nokia is nodding to augmented reality enhancements on its own free Ovi Maps service.

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