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Texas Instruments debuts 3D-without-glasses

By February 19, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Texas Instruments debuts 3D-without-glasses that doesn`t suck
With help from 3M
by Marc Chacksfield

Texas Instruments has teamed up with 3M to offer a 3D experience without glasses and also without the use of a lenticular screen.

A tablet device was shown off at Mobile World Congress piping 3D images to your eyes, without the need for glasses but still using the stereoscopic – separate images to each eye – method of displaying 3D.

To create the effect, 3M has come up with a screen overlay for a 120-Hz LCD that directs images towards either your left eye and right eye.

The images are shown at 60fps and it creates a simulated 3D image.

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