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Cineworld backs off from Alice in Wonderland boycott

By February 18, 2010Newswires

Cineworld backs off from Alice in Wonderland boycott
The UK cinema exhibitor has announced that it will screen Tim Burton`s 3D movie, despite Disney`s plans for an earlier-than-usual DVD release
by Adam Dawtrey

Cineworld has broken ranks with the UK`s other major exhibitors to announce that it will screen Alice in Wonderland, after all.

But Vue and Odeon are still set to boycott Tim Burton`s 3D film, because of a dispute with Disney over the release window.

Disney originally wanted to release the film on DVD 12 weeks after the theatrical opening, rather than the industry standard of 17 weeks. After negotiations with exhibitors in recent days, the studio has agreed to stretch the window to 13 weeks, which was enough to persuade Cineworld to sign up.

Alice in Wonderland comes out in the UK on 5 March. Cineworld, which has a 24% share of UK box office, will play the film on over 150 screens.

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