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Eyes-On With TI`s Amazing 3D Phone Display

By February 18, 2010Newswires

Eyes-On With TI`s Amazing 3D Phone Display
by Sascha Segan

BARCELONA—If you`re going to watch Avatar on the move, why not watch it in 3D?

At the Mobile World Congress on Wednesday, TI showed off a tablet-sized device with a 3D display that doesn`t require glasses, running on an existing TI OMAP3 chipset. The company also promised high-def, 3D movies with its new OMAP4 chips.

The 3D demo showed images and video in 3D by using a standard 120-Hz LCD with a special overlay film from 3M that can direct images either towards your left or right eye. By flickering two images very quickly – running at 60 frames per second rather than the usual 30 – the display transmits a different picture to each eye, creating a simulated 3D image. Still images looked good to me, with some depth, though movies weren`t quite as convincing.

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