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First Samsung 3D HDTVs available for pre-order

By February 14, 2010Newswires

First Samsung 3D HDTVs available for pre-order on
by Sean Portnoy

The good news from Samsung if you are interesting in 3D TVs: The company’s first models will be available in a couple of weeks, and aren’t priced in the stratosphere compared to its usual offerings. The bad news: The new sets aren’t what you’d necessarily call cheap.

Online retailers are already posting details about the new models, which comprise the C7000 line of 240Hz LED-based LCDs. The 46-inch UN46C7000 is available for pre-order at for $2,599.99 with a release date of February 26. Also available on the same day is the 55-inch UN55C7000 for $3,299.99. There’s also a 40-inch set in the series, but neither Amazon nor other retailers have it available yet. The prices are nowhere near the magic $1,000 price point necessary for mainstream success, but there doesn’t seem to be a huge price premium given the prices for Samsung’s non-3D 240Hz LED sets.

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