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"3D Convergence 2010" Forum

By February 13, 2010Newswires

"3D Convergence 2010" Forum
In-depth discussion on the future of 3D technology
byBang Jung-hyun

It is prospected that the 3D industry will landscape the IT business and will ultimately bring a promising future to Korea. However, there are alternating views on this prospect, in which not all Koreans agree upon the idea that 3D business will buoy their economy and cause an IT revolution. To fully analyze and grasp the situation of what is really going on in the 3D businesses; Korea IT Times and Electronic Newspaper ran a "3D Convergence 2010" forum at the Press Center on February 11, for five long, but breathtaking hours. The forum was conducted in an in-depth discussion layout where a total of thirteen chief members carried on the discussion.

The forum began by a presentation from Lee Seung-hyun, professor at Gwangun University, and he passed the baton to Kim Eun-soo, the chairperson of the meeting and also the Chairman of Korean Communications Society. The discussion was between thirteen prominent figures and it started out smooth, but then there were deliberate pros and cons of which 3D industry will thrive in a long term or dwindle after having a short-term impact on the economy. Lee Seung-hyun`s presentation in the start of the meeting was useful in that it pinpointed key notes on what the discussion will pick up on.

Part 1

Kim Eun-soo`s remark (Chairperson): We are interested in 3D businesses and are willing to contribute to the flourishing 3D industry. However, we see a long road ahead in which the government, business circle, and other secondary market should cooperate and conduct thorough R&D, merge 3D with conventional broadcasting industry, study 3D sector limits and how that will affect the entire economic market. And last but not least finalize the policy and regulations on the 3D market. Moreover, there are roughly ten issues that rise to the surface such as standardization, technology level, and possibility on searching new 3D technology. Currently, there are no ways to certify the quality of our 3D products because the lack of government support and also there are not any brilliant ideas to tackle the problems of exhaustion and fatigue caused by watching 3D videos. And this brings to my first question, what is the government`s stance on all this 3D effort? I would like to ask Jo Young-sin, head of Information Electronics Industry sector from Ministry of Knowledge Economy

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