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3D dream becomes in-home reality

By February 12, 2010Newswires

3D dream becomes in-home reality

Long the dream of television fans, the world`s first high-definition TV capable of projecting three-dimensional images will be released in Japan on April 23.

Home electronics companies have been focusing their recent efforts on creating a home-use 3D TV, but it appears that Panasonic Corp. has beaten its rivals to a launch date.

The 3D systems are based on the company`s existing Viera plasma display panels, enabling the company to keep the price increase down to just Y70,000 (€566), Panasonic said. The 50-inch screen is expected to cost around Y430,000 (€3,476), while the 54-inch version will retail for Y530,000 (€4,285).

The new screens are being released in conjunction with a range of Diga Blu-ray disk players that are capable of recording and playing back 3D images. All are expected to be available in overseas markets a short while after their launch in Japan.

Announcing the launch at a press conference in Tokyo on Tuesday, Shiro Nishiguchi, head of Panasonic`s Digital AVC Marketing Division, said, "With a resolve to start a sort of 3D revolution, we have set prices for the new products that consumer will find easy to pay."

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