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It’s Raining 3D!

By February 10, 2010Newswires

It’s Raining 3D!
by Chun Go-Eun

3D is on fire. The 3D movie Avatar is sweeping 2D movies with a broom, and many fans already await the next 3D movie such as Alice in Wonderland. This is the era where 3D has proven to be the focal point of Hollywood. Korea is launching 3D television programs this year and industries are also gearing up for the 3D Era including medical, advertisement, and construction.

3D advertisements will soon conquer the air, and museums are envisioning exhibits in 3D. Cyber construction engineering and management is already happening. By constructing a building in virtual space, will result in a more accurate and satisfying experience than ever before. 3D endoscope, 3D Computed Tomography is on way into the medical field for better patient care and this is all the beginning of the 3D movement.

"When 3D technology tops the previous business or traditional industry, it becomes a whole new industry. This is the 3D convergence industry or business," defined by President Kim Eun-soo of KICS.

Creation of a new higher-value added industry is the 3D Convergence. At the `3D Convergence 2010` Forum on February 11, 3D masters from industries, institutes, and research centers will garner together at the Seoul, Press Center. At the forum there will be many subjects to discuss such as "how to develop and expand the 3D convergence industry?"

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