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LG, Samsung Execs Look to “Avatar” for 3D TV Inspiration

By February 9, 2010Newswires

LG, Samsung Executives Look to “Avatar” for 3D TV Inspiration

Top executives from two of South Korea’s leading electronics firms have flocked to local theatres to watch the Hollywood blockbuster “Avatar” in an effort to evaluate the film’s 3D technology and prepare for competition in the burgeoning 3D TV market, a source in the company said Monday.

LG Group Chairman Koo Bon-moo, along with high ranking executives from the group’s affiliates, attended a screening in downtown Seoul last week, the official said, adding the outing was made on Koo’s suggestion.

LG Group Vice Chairman Kang Yoo-sig, and Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LG Electronics Nam Yong accompanied the group chief, as did senior group officers in charge of the 3D TV-related sector, including CEO of LG Display Kwon Young-soo, president of Home Entertainment Simon Kang, and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Paik Woo-hyun.

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