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Should your next HDTV be 3D?

By February 6, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Should your next HDTV be 3D?
by Tamara Chuang

3D movies today are far from the fuzzy 3D of the 20th century, where blue-and-red cardboard goggles were more of a fashion statement then advancement in technology. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, it became very clear that 3D is heading to living rooms nationwide.

Pretty much everyone announced a 3D HDTV, including budget TV brand Vizio. But the even bigger news came from companies like DirecTV, ESPN and the Discovery Networks, which all announced major efforts to bring 3D videos to TV sets.

3D glasses from NvidiaBut are consumers ready for a 3D TV?

The simple answer: Not yet. Yes, many 3D TVs will begin hitting store shelves in late Spring. And DirecTV begins offering three 3D channels in June. But experts agree that the content is just not there yet. So, when should you buy a 3D TV?

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