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Will `Avatar` boost 3D TV sales?

By February 5, 2010Newswires

Will `Avatar` boost 3D TV sales?
by Steve Tilley

Avatar’s staggering box office grosses and nine Academy Award nominations have cemented its place in Hollywood history, that much is certain. But James Cameron’s sci-fi epic could also help give 3D television the profile boost it needs to go from an oddball novelty to next-generation home entertainment.

Last year was the biggest year ever for 3D movies, with seven 3D films cracking the $100 million mark at the box office. Cameron’s tale of blue-skinned aliens versus greedy earthlings has earned 80% of its $2 billion in ticket sales from 3D showings, so it’s no surprise that the A-word often comes up in the same breath as high-definition 3D TV.

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