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Why IMAX and 3D movies are the future of cinema

By February 3, 2010Newswires

Why IMAX and 3D movies are the future of cinema
by Graham Young

Cinema’s 21st century revolution was already well under way this time last year, but the success of James Cameron’s Avatar has almost certainly created an unstoppable avalanche.

Where 3D was once a fad which came and went with films like Jaws 3D, this time it looks here to stay.

Avatar has been breaking records worldwide since it opened on December 16.

It has toppled Cameron’s own Titanic to become the highest grossing movie in history – after 12 years in which no other movie came close.

In January of this year, at Birmingham, Avatar broke The Dark Knight’s 37,000 seat record at the giant, 385-seater IMAX screen at Millennium Point.

A pioneering blend of live action, motion capture and animation, Avatar has now had more than 40,000 ticket sales on this one screen alone, taking the gross there beyond £350,000.

More than 100 performances – that’s virtually every peak-time show – have sold out since it opened. The mid-afternoon screening on January 31, had already sold out by January 18.

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