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Will Avatar And 3D Revolutionise Gaming?

By February 3, 2010Newswires

Will Avatar And 3D Revolutionise Gaming?
by David Lynch

Gaming is moving into 3-Dimensions, is the industry ready?

With Avatar landing a huge nine Oscar nominations and taking the movie industry by storm (currently the biggest film of all time) 3D is the next big thing. With Avatar: The Videogame making a substantially smaller splash, is the industry ready for 3D gaming? We talk to Avatar: The Videogame’s executive producer Patrick Naud to find out a little bit more about 3D and how it’s going to revolutionise gaming in the future…

What is the very basic set up someone will need in order to play Avatar the game in 3D?

First of all, 3D is definitely not a requirement to enjoy Avatar: The Game. Our objective from the beginning has been to develop the best game possible so all gamers can truly enjoy the Avatar experience. The game is a AAA Blockbuster, regardless of the TV you watch it on. You can think of 3D as the “5.1 Surround Sound” for gaming visuals. You can have a great gaming experience without it, but the experience is definitively heightened in 3D. That being said, to play in stereoscopic 3D, you’d need:

– A 3D?enabled DLP TV: Several models are already on the market and have been for a while.

– Some Newer 3D?enabled technologies: Breaking onto the market now (with even higher fidelity color and 3D.

– 3D Glasses: All 3D?enabled TVs currently require some form of eyewear for stereoscopic 3D to work.

The stereoscopic 3D feature of the game will be available on multiple 3D?ready TVs and the objective is to support a maximum number of formats.

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