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Samsung Forecasts Big Year for 3D TV, Memory Chips

By January 29, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Samsung Forecasts Big Year for 3D TV, Memory Chips
Dan Nystedt

Samsung Electronics, the world`s biggest TV brand and memory chip maker, forecast explosive growth in 3D TV sales and memory chips this year, during its fourth quarter investors conference on Friday.

The electronics giant expects demand for flat panel TVs and other products to soar this year as the world recovers from the recession. A lack of new investment during the downturn will also put a cap on production of most products, except LCD screens, keeping prices firm. The company sees a possible downturn in the LCD screen market in the second half of this year as new factories come on line globally, a boon to consumers who may see more LCD TV bargains late this year as a result.

The company is particularly bullish about the new 3D TV category, an area some analysts call a tough sell due to high prices and inconveniences such as the need to wear 3D glasses for viewing.

"We expect demand for 3D TVs to grow explosively," said Sueohk Shim, vice president of Samsung`s visual display business. Samsung expects to sell 2 million 3D TVs this year, she said.

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