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BSkyB goes 3D in selected pubs

By January 28, 2010Newswires

BSkyB goes 3D in selected pubs
by Tim Bradshaw

British Sky Broadcasting is claiming a world first in 3D television with its live broadcast this weekend of a football match in selected pubs around the UK.

Sky will today announce that its 3D TV service will be available to subscribers from April, showing live Premier League football every week. The satellite broadcaster hopes that screenings in pubs will help publicise the service.

Although sports have previously been broadcast live in 3D in cinemas, Sunday`s match between Arsenal and Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium will be the first sports event shown live in 3D on TV sets.

Sky`s launch follows several 3D announcements at this month`s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from companies including Sony, ESPN and DirecTV. Avatar , James Cameron`s 3D blockbuster , this week broke Titanic `s record as the world`s highest-grossing film in cinemas.

Nine pubs in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Dublin will be given LG 3D TV sets, imported by Sky, which require viewers to wear special glasses. Sky is not publicising the names of the pubs, fearing landlords could be overwhelmed by demand.

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