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Can 3D TV rival the real big game experience?

By January 26, 2010Newswires

Can 3D TV rival the real big game experience?
by Scott Stein

If there`s one lingering sensation after this year`s CES, it`s that already big and high-resolution TVs are trying very hard to get even more realistic and compelling to consumers. As proven by movies like Avatar, 3D can be about more than things flying out of the screen at you like that old Joe Flaherty sketch from SCTV. 3D can be about immersion, and one of the true hoped-for killer apps in 3D TV is sports programming. I`ll be the first to admit that I`d be excited about a 3D broadcast of a Jets game; in fact, 3D could help gain perspective on camera angles, and help with sports like baseball in helping keep track of field distances and fly balls. Plus, of course, it would look cool.

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