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High costs and tech issues to delay 3D broadcasts in NZ

By January 25, 2010Newswires

High costs and tech issues to delay 3D broadcasts in NZ
3D broadcasts in time for the Rugby World Cup are unlikely, according to a Mediaworks expert.
by James Heffield

Kiwi sports fans dreaming of 3D TV broadcasts in time for the 2011 Rugby World Cup are likely to be disappointed, says Mediaworks director of technology John Allen.

Mediaworks owns C4 and TV3 and became the first broadcaster in New Zealand to carry HD broadcasts when it began broadcasting selected TV3 primetime shows over the Freeview HD service in 2008.

In an interview with PC World today, Allen said it could be “several years” before New Zealand networks began broadcasting in 3D and the technology was more likely to succeed in areas such as PC and console gaming to begin with.

“There’s quite a lot of hype around 3D TV, particularly with the 3D movie Avatar coming to New Zealand, but to my mind there are a lot of technical issues that need to be worked through before it can be incorporated into a broadcast stream.”

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