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Redford mum on 3D impact

By January 25, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Redford mum on 3D impact
by Kevin Williamson

PARK CITY, Utah — Robert Redford doesn`t view 3D through rose-tinted glasses.

"Horrible film," he says of the first 3D movie he saw during Hollywood`s brief flirtation with the format in the 1950s — complete with a spear that leaped out at the crowd. "But now it`s come back 50 years later."

Has it ever. The 3D digitally-rendered Avatar is on track to become the first $2-billion worldwide blockbuster. Add to that its probable Oscar windfall — over Sundance sleeper Precious, among others — and it would seem to signal troubling news for the creators of low-budget films that lack the same wow factor. With the industry — and apparently audiences — enraptured by spectacle and sensation, what does that mean for the independent cinema Redford cherishes?

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