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3-D 101

By January 23, 2010Newswires

3-D 101
by Joshua Zyber

Q: Okay go ahead and give me the bad news now. I moved into a new house last year and put a home theater into my basement with a Mitsubishi projector. I suppose when 3-D hits that I will need a new projector as well as a new Blu-ray player? My Samsung in the living room was 3-D ready when I bought it so hopefully that is fine but I hope just get 3-D in the theater I don`t have to start all over again. Any thoughts?

Q: Could you please explain the technical side of 3-D-movies and distribution? I`m aware of different theater standards such as XPanD and Dolby 3D, but how come `My Bloody Valentine` 3-D Blu-ray release is paired with only passive glasses when theaters have adopted some (i.e. previously mentioned) standard and use expensive active glasses, projector etc.? What about all these auto-stereoscopic displays? What kind of content I can watch with those? Why buy expensive displays if you could just buy some Blu-ray with free glasses and enjoy 3-D with old display?

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