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Sky reveals 3D football will be in living rooms by end 2010

By January 22, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Sky reveals 3D football matches will be in living rooms by end of the year

Sports fans will be able to watch football in 3D in pubs and living rooms before the end of the year, Sky television bosses said today.

The broadcaster has already begun testing its technology by filming matches in 3D at stadiums across the country.

It today promised that football will form a `major` part of its 3D TV channel content.

Darren Long, Sky Sports` director of operations, said: `We’ve spent over 18 months recording 3D content, and sport works very well.

`Sport is all about emotion, and seeing it in 3D adds to the experience.`

The service, which will require individuals and pubs to buy a 3D TV and wear 3D glasses, will work using a Sky HD set-top box.

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