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The Right Kind Of 3D TV

By January 22, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

The Right Kind Of 3D TV
by Lee Gomes

The consumer electronics industry has discovered that the world exists in 3D. Armed with that insight, it has made some very big plans for your living room. It is right about the need for three dimensions. It has, however, picked the wrong three.

At the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas in early January, 3D TVs were the new technology that big exhibitors wanted to talk about. Television in 3D is much as it is at the movie house. You need a special pair of glasses, a 3D-ready TV set and content designed for the format.

I watched a few shows, enough to appreciate that the format has all the strengths and weaknesses of 3D at the movies. The appearance of a third dimension can make for an exciting experience, but can just as easily be a gimmick that quickly gets dull. In either case there is a price to pay, in the form of blurred images and bouts of eyestrain. It`s something you might put up with for special events, like an outing to see Avatar. For flopping down on the couch at the end of a long day: unlikely.

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