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`Tron Legacy` Director Joseph Kosinski Raves About 3-D

By January 22, 2010Newswires

`Tron Legacy` Director Joseph Kosinski Raves About 3-D And Daft Punk
Kosinski lands a spot on our 10 to Watch in 2010 list because of his creative guts.
by Josh Horowitz

MTV: How immersive is the 3-D? Is it start to finish, or does it pop up in key sequences?

Kosinski: Our approach is not like "Avatar," which I think is 3-D from the first shot to the last. Ours is sort of a "Wizard of Oz" approach. Ninety-eight percent of the 3-D is in the world of "Tron." The 3-D really starts once we get into the Tron world.

MTV: Is the technology you`re using similar to what James Cameron used or what Robert Zemeckis has used?

Kosinski: It`s a combination of technologies that Zemeckis has been using in terms of the completely digital motion-capture of a character and for the live-action camera system. We used a camera developed by James Cameron`s company. We used a newer generation of camera than the one used on "Avatar." They built it specifically for us.

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