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3DTV Standards Face Multiple Obstacles

By January 20, 2010Newswires

3DTV Standards Face Multiple Obstacles

LOS ANGELES: Creating a standard for 3D video is a complicated matter. So says Peter Symes, head of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. What works in a theater doesn’t necessarily work for TV. 3DTV systems must support multiple delivery channels, multiple coding techniques and multiple display technologies, and everything in the associated workflows.

The SMPTE 3D Standards Working Group was launched in August of 2008 and is chaired by Bill Zou of DTS. It now has about 200 participants, who are helping to develop a Home Master standard that’s expected to become available this summer. The goal is to provide a single deliverable 3D format for content producers.

“I think we need to be careful to remember that all of these things are very, very hard,” Symes said. He summarized SMPTE’s 3D standards effort at West Coast seminar sponsored by the Sports Video Group.

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