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Geek 101: Getting Behind the Scenes With 3D HDTV

By January 20, 2010Newswires

Geek 101: Getting Behind the Scenes With 3D HDTV
by David Ayala

Like it or not, 3D HDTV is here, and could make a huge splash in the consumer electronics market over the coming years. It seems like only yesterday when 1080p and 120Hz were the top of the line specs for which our eyes lusted and our wallets despised. Well, that`s old-hat now, and it`s time you got yourself educated on the 3D technology that will define HDTVs in 2010 and beyond.

Now, let`s get the obvious out of the way: 3D technology is nothing new. Scientists have experimented with 3D visuals since the invention of moving pictures, and commercial 3D films can be dated back to the 1950s. But somewhere between then and now, 3D lost its charm as serious technology, and gained a reputation for being kitschy and frivolous. Today, companies like Sony and LG are preparing large campaigns to get 3D TVs into millions of homes. The playing field is definitely changing, but there are still some ghosts in the closet that 3D can`t run away from.

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