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Avatar Spurs 3D Film Conversions, New Pay-Per-View Options

By January 20, 2010Newswires

Avatar Spurs 3D Film Conversions, New Pay-Per-View Options
by Diane Mermigas

Despite Avatar’s overwhelming success and impact, Fox Filmed Entertainment is taking nothing for granted in the face of floundering aftermarket revenues and the Chinese government abruptly yanking the hit 3D film from theaters there. Sites are set on more 3D film conversions and new pay-per-view options.

Much like the fantasy world Avatar director Jim Cameron created, Hollywood’s movie-making ecosystem is being bombarded by dramatic challenge and opportunity. The film’s stellar returns blunt – rather than eliminate — concerns. Avatar soon is expected to surpass domestic and international box office records set by Cameron’s Titanic, pushing its overall gross past $1.8 billion.

Avatar grossed a record $76 million at the box office in China before the government yanked the film from more than 1,600 2D theaters there this past weekend in favor of a biography of Confucius. Although Avatar continues on 3D screens there, Chinese officials reportedly are concerned about the film’s dominance and message about oppression.The incident underscores the growing volatility and unpredictability of all-important global markets.

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