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CableLabs: Current Cable Set-tops Can Handle 3D Signals

By January 20, 2010Newswires

CableLabs: Current Cable Set-tops Can Handle 3D Signals
by Chris Tribbey

When consumers start buying those fancy new 3D HDTVs that debuted at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), they likely won’t have to get a new set-top box from their cable company to enjoy a 3D signal, according to research from Colorado-based CableLabs.

Most of the digital set-top boxes currently used by American cable operators are capable of processing 3D TV signals in frame-compatible formats, the nonprofit cable research group found. Frame-compatible means a 3D image is sent with separate left and right video signals within the same video frame currently used for standard 2D fare. The report also found that operators would be able to deliver both 2D and 3D signals of the same program, with little added stress on bandwidth.

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