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Hands On: JVC GD-463D10 46” 3D Monitor

By January 19, 2010Newswires

Hands On: JVC GD-463D10 46” 3D Monitor
JVC’S GD-463D10 46-inch 3D monitor is great for pros, but … not quite ready for primetime mass home viewing.
by Dennis P. Barker

First there was Monsters vs. Aliens, then last year’s Up and now James Cameron’s Avatar to treat your eyes to stunning 3D imagery. Now, some people hope 3D will be the next “big thing” in the home. We certainly saw our share of impending models at the recent CES 2010 show.

Until now, 3D-enabled TV sets for the home have only been available in displays utilizing DLP technology. JVC is already offering a 3D LCD to the professional and custom installation crowd. The company’s GD-463D10 monitor started shipping over the summer and offers the best of two worlds: 2D and 3D.

The JVC GD-463D10 is a 46-inch HD LCD monitor that provides flicker-free 3D images through its proprietary Xpol polarizing filter method and battery-free glasses. JVC’s unique 3D decoder circuitry translates images into the Xpol display format, which is capable of displaying subtle gradations and shades of color.

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