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By January 15, 2010Newswires


The recent flood of news about new 3D TVs, itself spurred by the hype surrounding the 3D release of Avatar, has raised a few questions. At CNET one of our main jobs is to explain "new" technology, so this article, arranged in the tried-but-true manner of "Frequently Asked Questions," attempts to answer them as well as we can at this early stage.

We polled the six major TV makers who announced new 3D models–LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and Vizio–to help with some answers, and although many of the questions came back "we`ll get back to you on that," we did learn something. Between that, and some judicious trolling of web resources (special thanks to AVS forum and the friendly folks at EngadgetHD), we came up with the following. It will be updated and expanded as–inevitably–parts are proven wrong and/or we`re actually given some hard information, but in the meantime feel free to leave a comment. Or at least vote in the poll.

1. What is 3D TV?

3D TV is a generic term for a display technology that allows home viewers to experience TV programs, movies, games and other video content created with a stereoscopic effect. It adds the illusion of a third dimension, depth, to current TV and HDTV display technology, which is typically limited to only height and width ("2D").

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