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3D TV is here, but is it really the next big thing?

By January 15, 2010Newswires

3D TV is here, but is it really the next big thing?
by Bob Patterson

Everyone who attended CES last week got an eyeful of the latest, greatest crop of 3D TV sets, but is 3D really the game changer that TV manufacturers are saying it is?
It`s been a few days since I returned home from Las Vegas, which is to say that I haven`t had the pleasure (or eye-straining burden, depending on how you look at it) of putting on a pair of 3D glasses for a good 72 hours now … and frankly, I haven`t missed it all that much.

Don`t get me wrong: It was definitely a thrill to see clips from "Avatar" on a 46-inch 3D TV set, and I got a kick out of watching the lifelike 3D footage from that recent U2 concert movie and even the ubiquitous underwater montages of scuba divers swimming around with multicolored schools of fish.

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