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Paramount Considering 3D Star Trek Sequel

By January 14, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Bryan Singer Wants Jack the Giant Killer To Be 3D, Paramount Considering 3D Star Trek Sequel
by Brendon Connelly

I’ll probably be waiting a long time to hear that Ken Loach or Joe Swanberg is looking into 3D for their next production, but it seems that stereography really has caught on with franchise-type pictures, genre films and so on. Over the last few weeks there’s been explicit discussion of an ‘Avatar effect’, a redoubled interest in the form from the studios looking, jaws dead on the floor, at the box-office receipts for Cameron’s latest.

Is this perceived effect real? It seems it will be, and I’m sure that seems to be no surprise if you think of Hollywood as cash grabbing. But is it really the money men driving the decision to go 3D? Might it not be the creatives?

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