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Avatar`s 3D planet leaves moviegoers `depressed and suicidal

By January 14, 2010Newswires


Avatar`s 3D planet leaves moviegoers `depressed and suicidal`
What do you mean it`s not real?
by Marc Chacksfield

James Cameron`s opus Avatar may well be the kick-start 3D needs to take over the AV world, but the director has made the planet of Pandora so lifelike that moviegoers leaving cinemas are feeling `depressed` and `suicidal` over the thought of not actually being able to visit the planet in real life.

The web has been awash with slightly delusional fans who have gone on to the `Avatar Forums` where there are subjects such as: `Ways to cope with the depression of the dream of Pandora being intangible,` which has over 1,000 posts so far.

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