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CES Q&A: Dump HDTV for 3D, new laptops and more

By January 12, 2010Newswires

CES Q&A: Dump HDTV for 3D, new laptops and more
by Brier Dudley

LAS VEGAS — With my ears still ringing from the roar of a thousand TVs on the floor of the International Consumer Electronics Show, I`m going to use this week`s column to answer a few questions readers asked about new products at the annual gadget bazaar.

Q: I just purchased a 46-inch HD LCD TV and now am hearing about 3-D television making a big splash at the CES. I feel like I got a pretty good deal, but do you think it would be in my best interest to return it and wait for 3-D? I have no idea what prices will be, as I paid around $900 for mine.

A: I`d keep the LCD and not worry much about 3-D yet. Most won`t be out until later this year and they`ll generally be more than twice as expensive as the TV you bought. Also, 99 percent of the stuff you`ll watch in the next few years won`t be 3-D.

On top of the $2,000 or so you may spend on a 3-D set, you`ll have to pay extra to buy or rent 3-D movies, and the 3-D broadcast networks coming this year are likely to carry additional cable charges.

To help phase in 3-D, Sony plans to start selling sets labeled "3-D ready," meaning they can be upgraded to 3-D later by purchasing an adapter for about $200 and goggles for $100 to $150, according to a representative at its CES booth.

Prices of 3-D sets are likely to come down after the initial buzz.

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