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When it comes to 3D gaming, what are we really looking at?

By January 12, 2010Newswires

When it comes to 3D gaming, what are we really looking at?
by AJ Glasser

If the audience isn`t asking for it and the talent isn`t making for it, are we going to see any 3D games in the near future?

There`s no doubt that 3D was the buzzword of CES 2010. Between big announcements like Disney and ESPN 3D TV channels and the slew of monitors and TV sets that support stereoscopic 3D, however, we have to wonder where video games fit in. On the one hand, 3D could be turn into the format war between HD and Blu-Ray where the video games industry can play a part in determining how we handle the 3D experience. Or 3D could be like the classic virtual reality gaming — complete with space-age headgear and Power Glove-style gauntlets — that died out for lack of interest (among other things).

In the wake of CES 3D fever, we’re left with a situation in the video games industry where hardly anybody – not the gamers and for the most part, not the developers – is really gung-ho about 3D games.

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