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CES 2010: 3D Eye Solutions and Glasses-Free 3D

By January 10, 2010Newswires

CES 2010: 3D Eye Solutions and Glasses-Free 3D
3D with glasses might be OK for now, but glasses-free 3D is just around the corner…
by Devin Connors

CES 2010 is all about 3D. However, most of the stereoscopic 3D solutions out there are reliant on the user wearing special shutter glasses. Most of these glasses work relatively well, but what about autostereoscopic 3D? A lot of people complain about headaches after using shutter glasses in 3D setups, so a glasses-free 3D system could be the tipping point for many consumers.

3D Eye Solutions, a small company out of New Jersey, is at the forefront of glasses-free 3D. While most of their tech is designed for digital signage and commercial ventures, 3DES is looking to break into the consumer marketplace.

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