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CES 2010: Picks and Pans

By January 10, 2010Newswires

CES 2010: Picks and Pans
From 3D home-theater gear to tablets, tablets, everywhere, here`s what we loved and hated at this year`s show.
by PCWorld Staff

We`ve Seen the Future, and It`s in 3D

The 3D Revolution Is Here–Bring It On! I don`t think it`s a false start this time: The 3D-product plans for the coming year represent the initial salvos of the coming 3D revolution. Panasonic`s 3D demos were among the most convincing. But the best implementation I saw, unfortunately, is one that won`t be coming to market anytime soon: Sony showed its 24.5-inch 3D OLED HDTV as a technology demo only. –Melissa J. Perenson

Do We Have to Pay a Premium for 3D? 3D home-entertainment systems may promise an IMAX-at-home experience, but these brand-new 120-Hz TVs and Blu-ray players are sure to stretch many a budget. Imagine showing off your new 3D home theater to guests, or to your kids and all their friends–that`s one pair of glasses for every member of the audience. Until 3D glasses improve (or become dirt cheap), or until someone develops a reasonably priced auto-stereoscopic display, consumers should think twice about jumping on the 3D bandwagon. –Nate Ralph

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