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XpanD Debuts Revolutionary X102 Series DLP-Link 3D Glasses

By January 7, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

XpanD Debuts Revolutionary X102 Series DLP-Link Active 3D Glasses As The Most Advanced Stereoscopic Viewing Technology for 3D Consumer Electronics Projectors

LAS VEGAS – (Business Wire) XpanD, the world leader in active-shutter 3D glasses for cinema, video, gaming and other applications, has introduced the new X102 Series DLP-Link Active 3D glasses to the global projectors market. These state-of-the-art 3D view glasses feature an active-shutter design based on XpanD’s revolutionary, patented "pi-cell" system, in which a specialized, fast-switching liquid crystal cell provides rapid, stereoscopic shutter action to deliver alternate right- and left-eye images.

The X102 Series DLP-Link Active 3D glasses are universally compatible with 3D-ready television sets and single-chip DLP projectors, which utilize the Texas Instruments DLP Digital Micro-mirror Device (DMD) technology to generate the left and right eye views required for stereoscopic imaging. Combined with a sleek, fashionable style, the new X102 Series DLP-Link Active 3D glasses will give home theater enthusiasts, educational centers and professional presenters the ultimate 3D experience.

XpanD’s new X102 Series DLP-Link Active 3D glasses were created based on extensive research and development working as the world’s market leader in personal 3D viewing. Features include rugged construction with built-in flex points, a lightweight and stylish form factor that can be comfortably worn with eyeglasses, a modular design to accommodate both adults and children, environmentally friendly diodes, and a power-saving auto on/off mechanism.

XpanD’s light-efficient technology delivers the brightest possible picture, producing the most enjoyable viewing experience. XpanD’s DLP-Link is completely compatible with the DLP technology’s synchronization between left and right eyes. The 3D technology performs at 60 frames per second per eye (total 120 FPS). This high video frame rate eliminates flicker, which is typical of other stereographic display systems. XpanD’s active glasses technology enables maximal resolution per eye, unlike passive systems that decrease the display resolution to 50 percent. Using XpanD’s 3D DLP-Link glasses, the DLP 3D projection system offers exceptional color fidelity and superior picture depth.

"XpanD’s new X102 Series DLP-Link 3D glasses are optimized to create superior quality at a cost-effective 3D viewing experience," says XpanD CEO Maria Costeira. "Built on the success of the X101 generation 3D glasses, the new X102 Series product will secure XpanD’s position in home theater at the same level we currently enjoy with our market dominance of the global 3D cinema market.”

“DLP-Link 3D DLP projectors will be widely available in the near future,” says XpanD Chief Strategy Officer, Ami Dror. “Currently, there are approximately ten models available for sale with a beneficial pricing structure, and we expect to see nearly 40 new models in the first quarter of 2010. The vast majority of DLP projectors manufactures have accepted the DLP-Link 3D technology, and the low entry cost will allow people to build cost-effective 3D theaters—it will also allow professionals to embrace the power of 3D. The architect can showcase designs in stereoscopic 3D, professors can show stereoscopic 3D models of ancient cities, and models of the human body, corporate presentations can be done in stereoscopic 3D—the applications are truly unlimited. This is a simple, low cost, high-quality stereoscopic 3D for the masses and the first steps in the 3D revolution outside cinema exhibition.”

X6D Limited is a global company whose products and services are marketed under the XpanD brand name. XpanD was created by industry veterans in theatrical exhibition, entertainment, film production and distribution, and specialty film and digital technologies and is funded by a European investment fund. XpanD technology is used by over 2,000 3D cinemas in more than 50 countries and is the default 3D solution for post-production houses, educational and professional 3D applications. XpanD designs, manufactures and OEMs a range of consumer electronics 3D solutions.

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