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LG to introduce 3D TVs in May

By January 7, 2010Newswires

CES 2010: LG Shows Off Connected TVs, Touts 3D
Unveils new wireless networking devices
by Glen Dickson

Of course, the big buzz heading into CES has been over new 3D HD sets, and that has only been amplified by yesterday`s announcements from ESPN and Discovery that they will launch new 3D cable networks. LG marketing chief Tim Alessi predicted that "2010 will really be the launch pad for 3D" and said that in addition to new 3D-capable 9500-series sets, LG will also launch a 3D Blu-ray player later this year.

LG will use active-shutter glass technology with the new sets, which is generally seen as being more expensive than passive glasses, but hasn`t formalized plans of how it will sell active-shutter glasses to consumers.

"A lot of details still have to be worked out," said Alessi.

Alessi wouldn`t discuss pricing for the 3D sets, which are due out in April, but said that 3D would probably only represent a $300-$400 premium in a feature-packed high-end set.

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