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CES: Toshiba`s stereoscopic Cell TV

By January 7, 2010Newswires

CES: Toshiba`s stereoscopic Cell TV
by Barbara Krasnoff

Toshiba`s Cell TV, which they introduced this morning at CES, is another in the steady stream of 3D-capable TVs that are appearing this week. Toshiba offered a steady stream of interesting facts about their upcoming displays, including built-in 802.11n, a built-in video phone, full-array backlight scanning, image enhancement, a 1TB built-in hard drive and a built-in Blu-ray disk player. You know — lots of neat stuff.

However, what caught were eye — or eyes — was the capability to take 2D video and upconvert it to 3D. According to the slide that Toshiba showed, the company`s proprietary software will analyze the 2D frames, and estimate the depth of each area in the frame, and then will create separate stereoscopic images for each eye.

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