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CES 2010: What to Expect

By January 3, 2010Newswires

CES 2010: What to Expect
A more intimate show could mean fewer surprises, or that they`re simply easier to find.
by Lance Ulanoff

Ask anyone about the highlight of CES 2009 and they`ll likely tell you it was the Palm Pre announcement. It was a great event and a shockingly good product. Still, it`s unlikely CES 2010 will feature another Palm Pre. As I write this, there is no buzz-worthy product on the CES horizon. Sure, PCMag staffers know about lots of new and exciting products and technologies that will make their debuts at this year`s Consumer Electronics Show, but we can`t tell you about any of them—yet. As always, we`ve signed a lot of embargoes, which we take very seriously.

Yet, even with all of that secret tech goodness, there isn`t one thing that stands out as a game changer. So, what`s everyone talking about? There`s some buzz around the emergence of 3D. I agree, it`ll be big in 2010, but let`s not forget that we were talking about 3D as one of the big trends at CES 2009. The difference this year is, of course, that many TV manufacturers are behind the idea, and we`re going to see lots of new TVs, comfortable eyewear, and even some 3D Blu-ray content (and maybe players). So, sure, 3D is an important CES 2010 story, but it`s no surprise.

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