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Why are 3D movies like `Avatar` such fun?

By January 3, 2010Newswires

Why are 3D movies like `Avatar` such fun?
by Mark Changizi

You know what I love about going to see plays or musicals at the theatre? Sure, the dialogue can be hilarious or touching, the songs a hoot, the action thrilling. But I go for another reason: the 3D stereo experience. Long before movies like Avatar were shot and viewed in 3D, people were putting on real live performances, which don’t simply approximate the 3D experience – they are the genuine article.

“But,” you might say, “One goes to the theatre for the dance, the dialogue, the humans – for the art. No one goes to live performances for the ‘3D feel’. And, at any rate, most audiences sit too far away to get much of a stereo 3D effect.”

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