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For 2010, more streaming programs, `cloud` computing, 3-D TV

By December 30, 2009Newswires

Jonathan Takiff: For 2010, more streaming programs, `cloud` computing, 3-D TV
by Jonathan Takiff

3-D IN YOUR FACE: Been loving those 3-D movies in theaters? To bring home stereoscopic spectacles such as James Cameron`s "Avatar" in a really grand way – and add an extra level of engagement to, say, football viewing – the consumer electronics industry will push hard on new-age 3-D TV products for your home theater in 2010.

All require viewers to wear special glasses, of course.

The Blu-ray Disc Association recently finalized the specs for a high-performance 3-D HDTV format to be encoded on a new generation of compatible 3-D/2-D Blu-ray discs. Companion players connect to a new breed of 3-D-ready TVs.

All will be ready for sale next fall.

Several other 3-D TV breakthroughs are promised for next week`s annual Consumer Electronics Show, too. Cinema tech leader RealD, for one, will showcase more efficient picture coding techniques to deliver 3-D through the Sony PlayStation 3 video game/movie machine as well as on current cable and satellite TV boxes. (You`ll still need a new-generation TV, though, to jump into the extra dimension.)

To get broadcasters into the game quickly, the Edison, N.J.-based HDlogix will demonstrate technology that converts conventional 2-D video shoots into 3-D in real time.

That is, live and "on the fly."

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