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VizWorld’s Predictions for 2010

By December 29, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

VizWorld’s Predictions for 2010
by Randall Hand

Stereoscopic: Wins in Theaters, Flops at Home

2010 will see more stereoscopic 3d movies, and they will continue to rake in big bucks compared to their 2D counterparts. The difficulty in pirating them, combined with the extra money theaters (and therefore studios) make in selling tickets makes it a no-brainer for the industry.

At home, however, the new Stereoscopic Blu-Ray standard will simply flop. Why, you ask? Several reasons:

* Existing BluRay players probably will not support it, so people interested will have to go buy new BluRay players.
* It requires a 120Hz Television, restricting the market even more.
* They chose active Shutter glasses, which adds a significant cost to get started ($75-$100 for only a pair).

While I’m glad to see stereoscopic making a push to the home, and I understand that they chose the Active Shutter technology because of it’s compatibility with existing systems, I simply don’t think it will catch on in-the home. The exception will be the true hardcore movie-goers who have the several thousand dollar home theater rigs in their house. In that respect, I expect Stereoscopic BluRay to be alot like Laserdisc, toys for the wealthy bachelor.

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