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BIG IN 2010 – The 3rd dimension

By December 29, 2009Newswires

BIG IN 2010 – The 3rd dimension

Everything has hidden depths, right? Well, apart from TV pictures, movies and photographs; they’re strictly 2D. How could they be anything else?

Try telling that to the boffs who inhabit the R&D labs of Sky, Asus, Fujifilm, 3M, Acer… for these people, the laws of physics exist only to be broken.

Sky’s not the limit for 3D

Although there’s no official launch date yet, Sky’s dedicated 3D channel will be available to all Sky+HD subscribers in 2010. It will provide a combination of documentaries, movies and sport, and will work with the box you already have.

Of course, broadcasts will look rubbish unless you have the right TV –

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