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Top 10 tech personalities of 2009…And 10 to watch in 2010

By December 29, 2009March 24th, 2020Newswires

Can you think of anyone that they left out?

Top 10 tech personalities of 2009…And 10 to watch in 2010
by Joe Minihane

Tech has been dominated by some pretty heavyweight players in 2009. And you can bet that come 2010 the people behind out beloved gadgets will be dominating the headlines once again. So here’s our line up of this year’s top ten tech personalities and ten more to watch out for in 2010.

Sir Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony
Stringer’s single-minded determination to bring Sony products together has seen the Big S’s best gadgets look far more unified in 2009. From the XMB interface cropping up on Sony Ericsson phones, the PS3 Slim and the latest Blu-ray players, to his plans for Sony 3D TV, Stringer has once again been at the forefront.

Brian Sullivan, Managing Director, Sky Customer Group
It’s Brian Sullivan’s job to ensure the pay TV types at Sky deliver the much-vaunted Sky 3D channel on time. It’s due to land during 2010, but Murdoch’s men will want it out early in order to trump Sony’s plans to show the World Cup in 3D. See, Sky can’t air the greatest show on earth. Either way, Sullivan is at the forefront of one of 2010’s biggest tech stories

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