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English subtitles missing in Hong Kong`s `Avatar`

By December 28, 2009Newswires

English subtitles missing in Hong Kong`s `Avatar`

HONG KONG — It may boast ground-breaking 3D effects, but English-speaking viewers of "Avatar" have been left in the dark by the film`s alien dialogue after Hong Kong cinemas offered only a Chinese translation.

The computer graphics-laden production by "Titanic" director James Cameron, which follows the exploits of a paraplegic army veteran in the alien world of the Na`vis, has raked in more than 2 million US dollars in Hong Kong since its release in mid-December.

Despite its box-office success, western movie-goers have complained Na`vi dialogue is utterly impenetrable — unless they can read Chinese.

"While we both thoroughly enjoyed the film, we were somewhat disturbed and frustrated that the alien Na`vi dialogue only had Chinese subtitles," cinema-goer Nic Tinworth told the Sunday Morning Post.

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