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$40 gets you stereoscopic pseudo-3D on the PSP. No… really

By December 25, 2009Newswires

$40 gets you stereoscopic pseudo-3D on the PSP. No… really
by Ben Kuchera

Back in July of this year, we previewed a device that was supposed to add stereoscopic depth to any PSP game, even video files. We expressed some skepticism at the company`s claims, and the product has since been delayed until January of next year. RealView recently sent Ars Technica what seems to be a production model of the device, and now that we have the thing in our hands… it`s actually very cool.

The product will retail for around $40, which seems steep for what amounts to a lens and a chunk of plastic. When you slide your PSP into the case, there is a rubber mat that you put between the plastic and the PSP to allow later models to fit in snugly. The whole thing kills some of the portable nature of the system, but once the screen flips up and you see what it can do, you may not mind: there is actual depth added to the images, and the screen appears larger without sacrificing brightness or resolution.

Read the whole story here: … really.ars

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